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Don’t let location stand in the way of working with me. Many clients who get fantastic results, work with me online and love its convenience and effectiveness.
Lorraine McReight Online Therapy
Lorraine McReight Online Therapy
Online therapy on the sofa

How I became an Online convert...

When I started out as a therapist clients paid by cash or cheque and my appointments (and accounts) were recorded in large ledgers. Therapy (of all types) was conducted face-to-face and the idea of working online was inconceivable.

Fast forward a few years and newer hypnotherapists began to work online, but it wasn’t for me. I was old-school and continued to see all my clients at my hypnotherapy clinic in Wimbledon assuming it offered clients a better experience.

Then Covid happened and I had to review my earlier resistance to practising online. I learnt how Zoom worked and despite being a tech dinosaur, I found it remarkably easy to use. Having previously believed that I needed to have clients in the room with me to notice changes in their expression, body language etc, I realised that I could distinguish subtle changes in a client’s mood or level of relaxation equally well via their laptop or tablet. I love the convenience and versatility of online therapy, and my clients do too. Those who’d been hesitant became converts, just as I had. And best of all clients who couldn’t access therapy with me before, now could. Woo-hoo!

Why choose Online Therapy

Online therapy Lorraine McReight

If you have a tablet or pc, you can experience life-enhancing therapy with me, whether in Leeds, London, Manchester, or Milan!

What my online clients say

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