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I work with talented, capable people whose overthinking and critical self-talk makes life harder than it needs to be

I'm here to help!

My clients are lovely, but many tell themselves tall tales about what they can and can’t do, what people think of them or how loveable they are. The stories you tell yourself can lift you up or bring you down. Work with me to ditch your internal critic and replace it with an ally that is inspiring and empowering.

If your self-talk is making life miserable, get in touch. I’m known for my word-magic, often blending hypnotherapy with therapeutic metaphors, CBT and psychosensory approaches to create a unique mix. I’d love to help you hush your inner heckler so you can excel in life.

Therapy Sessions

I offer online and in person sessions from my lovely home therapy room in Todmorden. Working with busy, motivated professionals.
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Intensive Therapy

Perfect for people who want to undertake deep work or kick-start their therapy. Only available in person.
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Online group supervision, 1-2-1 supervision and mentoring for newly qualified and experienced therapists. Book a call to find out more.
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Your No-Nonsense Guide
to Managing Anxiety

Guide to managing Anxiety

Anxiety is not your identity and is more common than you might think. It’s something we ALL experience at times and we all have different triggers.

Access my guide for FREE to become a calmer you in just 7-days. Going from panic to composed.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Yes! It’s well-researched, safe, and amazingly effective. It’s also very relaxing! In our hypnotherapy sessions I can uncover and address deep-rooted negative beliefs which lead to unhelpful responses and shape your self-view. In hypnosis you can expect your anxious thoughts to reduce and gain clarity. You’ll also be receptive to my suggestions for beneficial change. Many clients report improved sleep and a calmer outlook following hypnosis too.

Hypnotherapy appeals to folk who want short-term therapy with long-lasting results. It’s popular because it offers powerful, deep-down change with minimal fuss. I particularly love it for its subtle dynamism and fantastic results – and so do my clients!

If you have a tablet or pc, you can experience life-enhancing therapy with me, whether in Leeds, London, Manchester, or Milan!

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I thrive on helping clients transform their thinking so if your internal critic needs to STFU, get in touch.

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