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My mission is to empower people to live their life free from self-doubt so they can do what the hell they want to do, and do it boldly, joyfully and without a backward glance.
Lorraine McReight Hypnotherapist
Lorraine McReight Hypnotherapist

My superpower

My official job title is clinical hypnotherapist, but that doesn’t begin to describe my superpower! What gets me out of bed in the morning (apart from my dog, of course) is helping folk to eradicate their punishing self-talk and install new positivity and confidence so they can live their best life.

I’m known for my down-to-earth approach to mental health (and to life in general) and have a non-judgemental, pragmatic therapeutic style. I’ve been a therapist since 1995 and am still passionate about my work and am inspired my brave and lovely clients.

Everyone has a story and like you, I’ve had some bumps in the road. Some have been minor, and some have been pretty spectacular, but every experience, good or bad, has taught me something valuable that has increased my skills as a person-centred therapist. Professional curiosity (not to be confused with nosiness) is essential in therapy and I never make assumptions about my clients. Each client is unique and deserves a personally crafted solution to their individual issue.

People often come to see me when they have tried everything else and are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they notice powerful shifts. Whether I see clients who want help for anxiety, to stop overthinking, or to overcome imposter syndrome, I always start from a position of possibility. When clients work with me online, or face-to-face at my hypnotherapy practice in Todmorden, I want them to truly believe that they’re entering ‘Possibility Land.’ The space where the magic happens!

Official Bio

Lorraine McReight has won multiple awards and is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists. Founder of London Hypnotherapy Academy, a training school for future change makers, Lorraine was also the development director of The National Council for Hypnotherapy from 2015 to 2022.

In great demand as a therapist, mentor, and supervisor, Lorraine is regularly featured in the national press and was the co-founder and editor of the professional journal, Hypnoversity, from 2008 until 2019.

Noted for her fast results with motivated professionals, Lorraine has a caring, no-nonsense, and results-focused approach that appeals to busy clients who are committed to making changes. She helps them conquer their fears, erase unhelpful beliefs, and embrace their unique talents so they can enjoy success and fulfilment at work and home.

Lorraine McReight Hypnotherapist

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